Facts About Me Tag!

So I've been blogging for probably just over one month now and I really love it! I'm posting stuff all the time but I guess you don't really know me so I thought I would do the Facts About Me tag so my lovely readers can get to know me better and it's just a bit of fun! 

1.      I’m probably the world’s easiest person to scare (my mum, brother and sister really take advantage of this! *sighs*)

2.      I’ve had my fair share of falls/ broken bones. I’ve dislocated my knee, I was born with a dislocated hip, I have a scar above my lip from when I was 3…you shouldn’t run with plastic cups! After I dislocated my knee, I then twisted a ligament in the same leg then I twisted another ligament in my other leg a few years later!

3.      I’m quite introverted. I would describe myself as a socially awkward person especially around people I don’t know very well

4.      I was a late bloomer for makeup! I only started wearing mascara when I started 6th form and eyeliner here and there

5.      Song I could listen to on repeat and not get fed up: J Cole- Power Trip

6.      Like to think of myself as a bookworm but I’m really not! I’m the kind of person who would read a lot and then not touch another book for a good few months!

7.      I’m extremely forgetful/clumsy

8.      I like to scrapbook/paint

9.      Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries

10. Feel very blessed to have a close family (who are also all nuts!)

11. Favourite perfumes- Armani Diamonds &  Paco Rabanne Black XS

12. I’m probably one of those weirdos you see singing her heart out in the car alone (and with my sister!)

13. I’m 5ft 5

14. I prefer comedy over a rom-com

15. Favourite movies: 21 Jump Street (never fails to make me laugh), Tangled, lovee Harry Potter

16.  I have one brother and sister- I’m the oldest

17. My favourite clothing/shoes are boots

18. I hate wearing heels! I only wear them for weddings

19. Through 6th form, I think I was nail polish crazy! I used to paint my nails nearly every day and do designs and all sorts.

20. I love to bake

21. I’ve always loved makeup and wanted to blog but felt I was never good enough to and just felt it would be a silly idea for me to. Then my friend convinced me to just do it and I finally did so that’s when H.Beauty Xo was born and I love it!

 So there's 21 completely random facts about me!

I tag +Marta S. and +KBulks_ 

Xo- H 

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